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HALES Perfusion System Interface

HALES Perfusion System Interface

HALES [Heart And Lung Equipment Simulator] represents a paradigm shift in perfusion simulation away from the now obsolete Hydraulic Perfusion Simulators (HPS).

The paradigm shift is that HALES is not just a simulator but a full featured perfusion system INTERFACE. It has a full range of hydraulic connections to the Heart-lung machine, and connects as does a cannulated patient.The increasing use of ECMO in the ICU has generated a need for a flexible and multi-configurable patient. The sort of flexibility that HALES provides.

HALES can be used with as many or few patient connections as the situation dictates which generates a flexibility and utility not had by the old HPS. From there on the new paradigm takes over to provide an educational experience which is only limited by the syllabus and the imagination!

Main benefits:

  • If connected to a standalone workstation it will provide functionality similar to the HPS
  • It can be connected to the medium fidelity range of anesthesia simulators
  • It can be connected to a multi-screen workstation to become a stand-alone Perfusion Simulator
  • It can be combined with a hi-fidelity patient simulator; providing a multi-trainee simulation experience especially for teaching of crew resource management and a whole collection of technical and non-technical skills
  • It can be used with medium fidelity CPR/ATLS manikins
  • It can be used with surgical haptic and wetlab training facilities
  • It can be used with a touchscreen controller to explore the performance envelope of any perfusion system
  • It can be used without any clinical monitoring equipment

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